Welcome to Tully Creek Ranch

Tully Creek Ranch is located near the shores of beautiful Lake Berryessa in Northern California. Northern California's mild climate and fertile soils produce quality pastures and healthy animals. We raise Katahdin Hair Sheep, Indian Runner Ducks and various chickens and are helped each day by our working Border Collies. We also have seasonal fresh garden produce grown without pesticides.


SheepGrass fed lamb

Katahdin Hair Sheep fit perfectly into our location. These sheep shed their winter wool each spring and do not need shearing. This not only makes a maintenance free coat, it helps these sheep do well in the hot summers and not be bothered by burrs and foxtails. Katahdins are excellent mothers. They quite often birth twins who are on their feet and nursing quickly. With plenty of milk and their ewe's good mothering instincts the lambs grow quickly.

Katahdins were developed in the state of Maine as a meat producing breed. Their meat has a mild flavor and lean fat content. Meat from Katahdin and other hair sheep is often preferred over meat that comes from wooled sheep because of the mild flavor.

DucksFree range Indian Runner ducks

Indian Runner ducks are bred for their egg production. Under optimal conditions a single hen can lay as many as 325 eggs in a year. Indian Runner ducks are smaller and leaner than most other domestic ducks. An excellent forager, they are great at eating snails, slugs and other pests in the garden without digging and scratching like chickens. The flavor of their eggs is similar to chicken eggs, although the texture is slightly different.

ChickenStandard Silver Penciled Rocks

We raise Standard Silver Penciled Plymouth Rocks. This is a rare variety of a common breed, the Plymouth Rock. Our present flock are good layers providing fresh eggs year round. We also hatch a few to raise for table. Although they are smaller than commercially produced retail chicken, the flavor is excellent and we can be confident of the conditions they were raised under. It's good to know they were raised without hormones or antibiotics, outside in the sun and fresh air.

DogsThe ranch crew

Our Border Collies are an important part of life on the ranch. They help us every day with such tasks as moving the livestock to different pastures, splitting it into corrals, etc. They load the chutes when we need to do hands-on chores with the sheep. They help us separate any sheep (or ducks!) we need to move. The jobs are endless and we couldn't do it without our well trained dogs. We do not breed or sell dogs, but we are very active in sheepdog trials and compete regularly.

We also employ Livestock Guardian dogs to protect our sheep and poultry.

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