About our poultry



Indian Runners are considered a small, light breed of domestic duck. Known also as penguin ducks due to their upright stance and active nature, they were developed to be egg layers and they do a great job! These hens can sometimes lay as often as once a day during the longer days of spring and summer. Their eggs are larger then chicken eggs and tend to have large yolks. They are excellent for baking and can be used in most recipes calling for eggs. When fried the texture is a little different and takes some getting used to.

These ducks are great at foraging for snails, slugs and tender greens around the yard and garden. While they should be kept away from young plants they can be a great help in the garden as a natural way to discourage pests. They won't tear things up like chickens can, and they don't crow! They are however, very vulnerable to predators and need to be kept safe as they are unable to fly.


We raiseStandard Silver Penciled Pymouth Rocks, a somewhat rare variety of a

dual purpose breed producing excellent eggs as well as meat. Our birds are not kept in cages, and have access to multiple yards to forage and scratch. We do not give unnecessary medications and use no hormones. They get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. As a result they are healthy, happy and lay many excellent eggs. We hatch out some eggs to produce healthy young birds for the table and to supply us with more laying hens. Pictured at right are our pure-bred Silver Penciled Rocks.

We always have eggs available and sometimes young or adult birds. Please see our For Sale page for what is currently available.