About our sheep

Sheep in back pastureWe have a small flock of registered and commercial Katahdin Hair Sheep. We keep our numbers small so we can give close personal attention to each of our charges. Because of this, we may only have a few animals available for sale at a time. Please see our For Sale page for what is currently available.

We raise our sheep as close to nature as we can. While we do give vaccines and antiparasiticals, we keep these to a minimum. We do not give unnecessary antibiotics and use no hormones. Our sheep are raised on what sheep were meant to eat: pasture. This make for healthy sheep, and some studies suggest that grass fed meat is healthier for us too. It is lower in fat and calories and higher in essential Omega-3 acids and some vitamins. Please see our Links page for more information on this topic.

We chose Katahdin Hair Sheep because they are a perfect fit for our climate, our land and our philosophy. They do well in our hot dry summers, shedding their wool naturally to a neat hair coat. They are often grazing in the full sun during triple digit heat! They thrive on natural pasture, saving us time and money on expensive supplements. They may have a natural parasite resistance which, coupled with our climate, means a minimal usage of antiparasiticals. They are excellent mothers, making lambing time a pleasant experience rather than a chore. Easily lambing on pasture with no human help. We've never had a case of foot rot, even in the damp of winter.

And these sheep are delicious! The meat is tender and lean. Since they are a hair sheep, the meat tends to have milder flavor than comes from wooled sheep. There is also less fat, not only from being raised on grass, but due to the nature of the breed itself. Our goal is to produce a quality meat animal which thrives in a natural setting.

Our sheep lead a good healthy life with one exceptionally bad day at the end.